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The largest international medical equipment professional exhibition in the eastern United States. (FIME 2022)
1、The largest international medical equipment professional exhibition in the eastern United States. (FIME 2022)
2、Location:Miami Beach Convention Exhibition Center,USA
3、Exhibition time:July 27-29, 2022
4、The booth number of Shijiazhuang Yide Medical Device Manufacturing Co., Ltd. : A83
International Safety & Emergency Expo 2022
2022 国际安全和应急博览会
International Safety & Emergency Expo 2022
展会日期:2022 年 8 月 15-17 日
Exhibition Dates: August 15-17, 2022
Air Pressure Mattress Reviews
This alternating air pressure mattress review allows you to get a complete thought about air pressure mattresses so that you can choose the best one and avoid the problems.
YD-E Portable phlegm suction
Portable Suction Machines for Airway Suctioning
The job of the portable suction machine is to help extract fluids from the body. Sometimes mucus, saliva, or other bodily fluids could become trapped and stop a person from breathing.
phlegm suction machine application
The suction machine should be used in a well-lit area. Place the machine on a sturdy surface that will support the weight of the suction machine, such as a table or desk.

Suctioning is a method of removing mucous from the lungs. People with a spinal cord and/or brain injury may have problems breathing due to congestion. The muscles that help with breathing and coughing may not work well.

Suctioning will help keep the airway clear. Only use clean technique with your doctor’s approval.

The upper airway warms, cleans and moistens the air we breathe. The trach tube bypasses these mechanisms, so that the air moving through the tube is cooler, dryer and not as clean.  In response to these changes, the body produces more mucus.  Suctioning clears mucus from the tracheostomy tube and is essential for proper breathing.

Also, secretions left in the tube could become contaminated and a chest infection could develop.  Avoid suctioning too frequently as this could lead to more secretion buildup.
Air mattress for pressure sores
We carry an extensive line of hospital mattresses for sale. Our selection of therapeutic surfaces enables the advanced prevention and treatment of pressure sores that many patients experience. We provide powered mattress systems in three different modalities of therapy: low air loss (on-demand and low), alternating pressure, and lateral rotation.

Wounds like pressure ulcers occur due to pressure applied on the soft tissue resulting in completely or partially clogged blood flow to the soft tissue. They most commonly develop in individuals who are not moving about, such as those who are bedridden or are mostly limited to a wheelchair. It is widely believed that other factors can influence the tolerance of skin for pressure, thus increasing the risk of wounds in the form of pressure ulcer development.

Patients suffering from an illness that causes wounds such as pressure ulcers and patients who are totally bed ridden are likely to develop bed sores if not taken care of properly. Their care involves cleanliness or personal hygiene, daily body movement or side changes. It also depends on the place where they spend most of their time, so an air mattress is advised. An air mattress is a great source of treatment in a way that it prevents pressure ulcers and sores to develop and stops already developed ulcers from getting worse.
Air mattress for pressure sores
Air mattress systems provide patients maximum pressure redistribution for the prevention and treatment of Stages
I-IV pressure ulcers. Air systems utilize a variety of therapies: Alternating Pressure,
Suction Therapy Machines
Suction Therapy Machines, also known as Aspirators, are medical devices used to extract mucus and other fluids from an individual, through the mouth or tracheotomy.

Portable Suction Aspirators are lightweight, small and easily transportable, great for Ambulance Services, Dr./Dentist Offices, Nursing Stations, Long and Short Care Facilities as well as for the patient at home. Portable Suction Aspirator Machines come with AC, DC or battery powered operation.
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